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The book Brucewrites


I’m reserving the best of me, for the best in you. Before I place everything on the table; I’m reserving my creativity to welcome yours. I’m reserving my words to hear yours. I wanna know your a blessing. before I curse you with the care of my inner thoughts. before my mind thinks of yours. I reserve the right to wake up to messages, saying your mind was on mine. I’m reserving my emotions, temporaraly bottling them up. And going numb. in the hope that you’d open a harden shaken drink, to be refreshened with everything that is me. I’ll try my hardest to hold my opions, my views, my fears and myself to myself. till you feel its easy to embrace yourself, your fears, your views and your opions with me. I’m reserved for the time being. but I’m bound to open up with time. Im bound to give 100 percent of me in time. I bound, to wanna be bound to you in life. shackled to you. enslaved to your heart. for this you’d have mine, you’ll have me, you’ll have the best of me. you’d have what others would drop to knees and pray to see. I’ll reserve this for you.

(2)The lesson

Sometimes I forget, I’m able to love. then you call or text me, and the possibilities of bottled feelings are opened. its almost a reminder that I’m human. that i feel as all do. I can love one like yourself.
you taught me this. so I beg you now that you’ve started keep the lessons going

(3)Wishful thinking

At times I wish. I could gather the single mothers. marry them and let know their kid won’t grow up like me fatherless wishing for a day to play catch or sit and drink make believe tea with I’ll be there to make the monsters go away teach my daughters how a man should treat her my sons how they should love a woman
I wish

(4)chain linked kisses

I wanna be shackled to you and attached by the lips. whispering sweet nothins, feeling free. loving you out of my own selfish needs. I just need you with me, to keep this feelin complete.

(5)Safety net

here’s me taking the weight off your shoulders i understand the world at times give you a cold shoulder but don’t let it put a chip on yours cause i… love you and if those words mean anything to you then the smile on your face is thank you enough this is me making the bad so bad its good so good you’ll cry on my shoulder for my ear to hear what your hearts trying to sign with tears i offer you my deepest sympathies that can be found forty leagues other a sea of the tears i wasn’t able to catch The waves taught me if you have a chance to not let another drop be added so this is me humbling to you this is me adoring the strength its taken for you to get to this point but my love i got it from here i got your front i got you back and what ever’s in you you wanna release please do I’m your living breathing journal I’m your support system I’m yours I’m here even if your there and I’m not the miles between us won’t stop my love from maturing for you i hope these word help on the loneliest of dark days when I’m not around to say you have my love and with it you have something to hold something others want and can’t have a index to the page were your smile could be found i give you this to from my shoulder ears and hearts


what if i could blink and be right in front of you would you be surprised and look at me like a stalker or kiss me knowing that i thought about you so hard that space opened up and placed me at your feet kneeing and waiting for a yes nerves because your unlike the rest nerves cos when space opened up only jewelry store around was a bubble gum machine but the meaning is the same the feeling behind it is the same and i dont love you any less in fact i love you a bit more i wanna to understand you bit more before you say “will you not think so far ahead” but i been thinking about forever and for me forever started when spaced opened up and i broke the laws of physics forever started with a thought forever started in our hearts will you spend forever with me forgetting youve ever loved before me cos this is your day of praise a mixture of valentines day and your birthday your day everyday
no need for a holiday cos our love is holy enough everyday pound sign our love is forever

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Freeing Me~

I sit here quietly and see the bullshit


on her


to be someone other than she.

allowing it to damage what could be everything



refuse it control of me

there is no longer need

to feed her fiery insecurity

I allow it to flow through my soul


I never want anything to do with you

I never want to be attached to you

I never wanted to say never

But I’ll never love you more then I love her


You’re something to be praise

But not by me not while I’m breathing

Cause when I think of reason to say good morning

Your light isn’t what shines in my eyes

Your type is usually what I fall for

You and your type says so much and does so little

Your type takes but don’t give

Finds the right buttons to push

And pushes them in with glue

So the pain would stick

Your type cries with no emotion

The meaning of heartless lies in your lies

Your type lies so much that the truth is found

On Ripley’s and though I want to believe

I think or not


I never want anything to do with you

I never want to be attach to you

I never wanted to say never but

I’ll never love you more then I love her


Though she’s farther way the distance is something

I’ll travel bare foot over red hot coals

To feel her warmth her within my arms

She’s soothing the muse of poets’ dreams

When I’m low she humbles down to my level

To make me feel like the king she sees

Honest humble cocky caring loyal and loving

The list goes on even after life stops our love wont

Her words to me

Cause she’s loving loyal caring cocky humble and honest

Her beauty has yet to be defined

By my understanding of the word

The adjectives go on even if time stops our love wont

My thoughts of she


I never want nothing to do with you

I never not want to be attach to you

I never wanted to say never but

I’ll never not love you


Cause with her there is no freedom

Trapped in a self made prison

I saw from the beginning

Shackled to misery as company

I rather not keep this charade going

Cause it’s all lies for my imagination to believe

Bittersweet without sugar

Paper cuts soaking in the ocean

Love with her is sterile unable to produce

The seeds needed to create life

Emotionless unable to feel love


I never want nothing to do with you

I never not want to be attach to you

I never wanted to say never but

I’ll never not love you


Cause whenever I’m alone with you

You make me feel like I am whole again

Whenever I’m alone with you

You make me feels like

My past loves were a rehearsal

For these moments and they

Was only fill-ins cause you were running a little late

You must of been made in God’s image

With the holy sprite

Because you didn’t come when I wanted

But you came right on time

Just before I said to hell with love

To hell with freedom

I was in hell but I inhaled your love

Like it was the last cigarette I’ll ever smoke

Held it in like it was the smoothest herb

I’ve ever smoked

Intoxicated from you

Detoxing from her

Relapsing thanks to you never

You are everything I dreamed a queen to be

You are everything that is reflected of the me

You seen without a mirror from the beginning

So only for you I drop to one knee to say


I never want nothing to do with you

I never not want to be attach to you

I never wanted to say never but

I’ll never not love you


I love you and today I stand here with you

With a new found love of life ready for

the world to wittiness destiny

Cause she brought the two of us together as one

In time I want two to be three maybe four

But still one and never not loving each other like we do today


Here’s a quick short poem intitle “queen” My highness I’m looking for you

My queen your more then a title

or the position of power 

you hold with my soul

your noteworthy unknowingly written in history

gods gift to me when I stop praying

cos I thought no one heard me

my highness your love is

timeless honest priceless

to have this with a humble cockyness

is rare its like your intouch ancestors experiences

and they breath their wisdom through you

and you teach it to me to groom me to your king

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